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Five reasons why blocked toilets are common problems

Blocked toilets are very common in houses and can really disrupt your daily life It is potentially the most unhygienic drainage malfunction that people experience. Attention to early signs and timely fix of the problem can help you get rid of the hassle.

But did you know, blocked toilets are mostly caused by the people living and using them? Well, to be honest, though natural reasons are potential threats, avoiding certain things would bring down the chances of blocked toilets.

Here are the top reasons why you face blocked toilets too often:

Using too much toilet paper

Using excessive toilet paper and flushing them down is one of the main reasons for blocked toilets. You should keep in mind that some toilet papers are more difficult to be broken down, thereby causing a block. Emergency pump outs should immediately follow.

Personal care products

It isn’t only the toilet paper that could block the drains, but other personal care products could do it too. Earbuds, wet wipes, etc., are some of the common clogging elements.

Diapers and kids’ products

Though most people do not indulge in such practices, some still do. Dumping baby diapers in toilet flush is one of the many reasons behind the blockage and should be avoided completely. Though they are made up of similar material as toilet papers, they are harder to break into smaller particles and can cause serious clogging.

Tree root intrusion

You might feel that you can do nothing about tree root intrusion, but you can actually prevent that from happening. Since roots of big trees break the sewage lines, it would be wise to avoid planting trees near the sewers in the garden.

Blocked toilets should be taken care of without any delay, irrespective of what the cause is. If not treated soon enough, the problem could turn more serious by the day until the situation becomes completely unmanageable.

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