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Everything you need to know about CCTV Drain Surveys

Drainage systems being underground makes detecting issues difficult. The underground drainage systems need regular maintenance. Lack of maintenance of the drains and aggregation of issues makes life difficult for the property owners. However, detecting problems within the underground drainage system becomes trouble because of its difficult to reach area. Internal wall collapse, plant root ingress, and other structural problems lead to structural decay and calls for urgent Drain Repair. However, before the repair work commences, it is important to observe the inner regions of the drain, and this is where the need of CCTV Drain Survey emerges.

It is worthwhile to look for a professional drainage specialist to conduct a CCTV Drain Survey to find out the probable issues. The cases that can be detected by the survey include:

•    Stagnant water within the drainage canal

•    Tree roots ingression through the drain walls

•    Debris and solid wastages stuck within the drain canal

Good quality CCTV cameras which are small are used by the drainage specialists to penetrate through the canal and broadcast the internal situation of the drain on a real-time basis. There are many benefits of the CCTV surveys of the drain. It facilitates Emergency Draining services by detecting the problems in a hassle free and quick way.

These cam surveys of drains are not only done with the objective of repairing, but also done by eager property owners before they buy a new property to ensure that the drainage system of the property is in a good condition and it qualifies for good value during a sale.

There are various types of cameras used for this purpose which includes push rod cameras, crawler drain cameras, and mega-cam drain cameras.

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